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    1. 湖南省欧华科技有限公司是从事化工分散、精细研磨设备的研究与制造、销售与服务的专业公司。公司位于交通便利的硬质合金、陶瓷工业之乡——株洲。

         Ouhua Industrial Co.Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, manufacturing, sale and service of chemical scattering and meticulous grinding equipment. It is situated in Zhuzhou city - a city renowned for its hard alloy and ceramic industry with convenient traffic.
      For many years, thanks to the complete production equipment and strong technological power, the company has been keeping pace with the advanced technology of foreign countries such as Switzerland and Germany; constantly, considering the valuable feedback of the customer, and taking the advantage of local hard alloy and ceramic material the company has been developing successively the grinding and scattering equipments of domestic first-class and of the most advanced level all over the world. The products of the company are sold in more than 20 provinces and cities of the whole country. They have not only solved the difficult problems in production for customers, but also are praised as the first-selected product that can substitute for imported equipment.
      Our commitment is:Actively listen to customer needs, meet customer expectations of quality is our eternal pursuit.
      Always remember to provide high-quality service for the customer, is the pursuit of our existence.

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